Small doing at the groomerKeep your pet looking and feeling great! Our grooming staff caters to every patient’s needs, regardless of age or breed. From a simple puppy/kennel cut to a show cut, and everything in between. Our grooming staff does their best to make your AND your dog’s experience as comforting, convenient, and stress free as possible. Grooming includes nail trim, ear cleaning and external anal gland expression.

Please call us and speak with our groomer to receive a custom grooming quote for your pet – (919) 266-9852.


Pricing is determined by weight.

All baths include a complimentary pedicure, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.


  • Pedicure
  • Anal Glad Expression
  • Ear Cleaning

We offer a wide range of shampoos including aloe & oatmeal, flea & tick, hypoallergenic formulas, as well as medicated shampoos to soothe skin.